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Why are you passionate about leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Why are you passionate about leadership - Essay Example Hence, for me leadership is about the ability to interpret events and concepts in a way that allows for individual views, while making way for a sense of commonality and a shared sense of purpose. Doing so, a leader not only gives meaning to a collective vision, but also helps bring about the much needed alignment on strategies and goals. To me a leader is a person who ushers in an atmosphere of cooperation and trust by the dint of one’s personal integrity and charisma. Enterprises are always in the need of individuals who facilitate the quintessential backbone to the overall organizational culture, thereby ushering in a professional environment imbued with trust and integrity. The biggest source of satisfaction for a true leader is one’s ability to empower and enable people and groups. Leadership is about what happens when the leader is not present at the scene of action. So I hold that the biggest responsibility of a leader is to create an environment that motivates others to assume leadership and be willing to face

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