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Theology second paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Theology second paper - Essay Example It requires them to make reference from the Bible for their daily mannerisms. The belief in Jesus Christ also negotiates their reactions towards the modern society (Moore, 2). The modern society engrosses diverse challenges brought by technology and social dynamics. Therefore, Christians respond to the contemporary social situations in reference with their affiliation with Jesus Christ. Jesus’ death for everyone in the world exhibited his unconditional love. Through this act, Jesus demonstrated equal attention of each person regardless of their originality and background. The modern society is experiencing pronounced inequalities towards particular people and groups (Chopp, 3). Social stratification is an evident phenomenon across the modern society. This challenge requires the Christians to respond in a particular manner. They ought to respond in their belief towards the nature of Jesus Christ. They ought to make a reference to the manifestation of Christ’s love at the cross. He died for each person regardless of their background and originality. The book of I Corinthians 15:1-5 demonstrates the essence of Christ’s death for the human race. It clearly reveals that Christ died for each individual in society (Hanson, 22). Upon observation of Christ’s unconditional love that is free from discrimination, Christians ought to express the same in the modern society. Therefore, this move will entail embracing all the differences amongst the people in society and expressing unconditional love towards them. The contemporary American society has manifested intense levels of discrimination. Persons are highly discriminated and deprived of their rights according to their backgrounds (Chopp, 3). America is a society that entails diverse personalities with unique backgrounds. Within this society, there are immigrants as well as white natives. The key challenge in this society is the persistent antagonism amongst the ethnic clusters. Immigrant

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