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Parking Problems in the Florida National University Essay

Parking Problems in the Florida National University - Essay Example In the Florida National University, the issue of parking and campus traffic is increasingly crippling movement. This paper will show policies that can be adopted by the university to reduce parking problems. In many colleges, the problem is addressed by restricting students driving, or simply by allocating parking slots on a first-come-first-served basis (Shoup 21). While these approaches have produced varying levels of success, they have significantly reduced on-campus traffic. However, there are a few associated problems. For example, disabled students should be allowed to drive or be driven to school because o their conditions. In addition, lecturers and other important staff members serve the concern of a large number of people, implying they should not be required to compete with students for parking space in their places of work (Shoup 21). Therefore, despite the merits of the mentioned approaches, there is a need for more conclusive approaches. An economy-based approach has been proposed by Shoup. He proposes that in controlling the parking fees for students and other staff in campuses, it is possible to reduce traffic (Shoup 29). For example, parking lots close to lecture halls and offices are susceptible to traffic congestions. Raising the parking fee in these areas is likely to take them out of the reach of students and thus reduce traffic. Following the laws of economics, reducing the demand increases the supply. Therefore, increasing the prices of parking tickets in vital areas is bound to reduce the strain of parking problems on the campus. However, there is still a predicament with this approach because it requires all people to pay for parking. By extension, all members of staff and special needs groups with no alternative would fall victim to the plan. Therefore, despite the merits of this plan, it raises other problems (Kilbert and Tali 65).

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