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AVON Case Analysis Essay -- Business Management Studies Essays

AVON Case AnalysisOrganizational MissionAvon wants to fork up everyone with high quality and innovativehealth and beauty products as headspring as financial opportunities throughsales representatives that are easily obtainable, in many ways, inevery part of the world. Avon hopes by bringing these products toeveryone everyplace through global markets the fraternity can improve thequality of brio for anyone around the world.Corporate ObjectivesCorporate objectives bring structure to a companys operations soit will sustain growth, achieve its cathexis/vision and set the outcomeand target for the company to achieve. Corporate objectives allow infinancial and strategic objectives.Financial ObjectivesGrowth in salesIn 2001 the success of the Goodbye to Breast Cancer lipstickcampaign, inventory head programs, and the augment of activerepresentatives acquired through the successful implementation of theSales leading program resulted in revenues growing 5% from $5,682 cardinal in 20 00 to $5,958 million in 2001. The growth in sales was dueto the 9% increase in units because of the success of the programsimplemented that are mentioned above. Avon plans to increase salesp.a. by continuing to recruit Leadership Representatives aroundthe world, utilizing the Internet to befriend these Representatives sellAvon products more efficiently, and extending the Avon brand to newproducts and possibly new channels. (3) big profit marginsLower sales in Latin America than pass judgment and additionalstrategic spending on consumer marketing initiatives caused the slight flow in profits for the 2001 year. The drop may have been a deal outworse if it was not offset by considerable margin improve... ... 3/20/02 Vol 239 P. B12A12. Direct Marketing, Garden City Avon to Target Teens November 2001Anonymous, Volume 64 Issue 7 p. 2213. Investor Relation Business Avon Ups Johansen Editorial Staff, January 28, 2002, p.114. Brandweek, Avon Calls on Upscale Women for Becoming by Christine Bittar, August 13 2001, p.615. Quarterly piece (SEC for 10Q)16. Unbecoming by Moreno, Katarzyna, Forbes, June 10, 2002 Vol. 169 Issue 1317. Business and Company mental imagery Center Cosmetics, Household, and Personal Care Products US outlook Lewis May 2, 200218. bond paper Formation with Direct Selling Companies Avon and Mattel, Lawrence B. Chonko, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Winter 99 Vol.19 Issue 1 pg 51.19. Most admired flog and Cosmetic Companies, 2002. Fortuen, March 4, 2002. pg. 77

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