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Online Communities or Mental Pictures? :: Internet Communication Chats Essays

Online Communities or Mental Pictures? It was 1100 p.m. on a Tuesday night. I sat at my computer typing and anxiously time lag for a response. Hello how is everyone tonight? I am from Virginia, where are every of you from? No one responded to anything I said. I tried again, Does anyone want to travel to? Again, I was ignored. I felt lonely, confused, and upset. What is wrong with me? I thought to myself. I hated knowing that I was the one being rejected in this so-called community.Are there really such things as online communities? toilette you form friendships with the the great unwashed you come across in an online community? in that location are um immature claims that there are such things as online communities. That is rightful(a) if you classify a community as a group of people having common interests (Dictionary.com) but having a common interest did not free rein a signifi tailt role in the forum I worked with. Online communities behind be overrated and not meet the standards for which they are intended if the people dynamic do not follow the proposed rules and are not there for the reform reasons. In fact, when I was in the Teen Chat room no one talked about fashion, which is the topic of the site. In the discussion forum, some of the posts were attain of the subject. Some online communities may appropriately be classified as a community, but the teen forum that I participated in was not a virtual community. Online communities are not physical places, instead they are a state of mind a place which exists only in the mind of the participant.I participated in an online community in the Student core which is just a site dedicated to teens. From this site, you can access many other sites such as diaries, teen forums, groups, tests, etc. I accessed the teen forum section where you can choose many different topics low the four main categories. The categories are Advice and Sexuality, Entertainment, General, and Information. Under each category you can choose a specific subject of your interest such as dating and relationships, health and fitness, sexuality, fashion, sports, music, movies, religion, and job search, along with others and be involved with it. I chose a teen forum focused on fashion because I really enjoy learning about different styles.

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