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Kevin CherryAnimal Welf ar and RightsThere has recently been a lot of dispute between those who believe in fauna welfare and those who believe in animal rights. Most farm animals like a shot are raised in confinement on huge manufacturing systems that are more like factories than farms. Animal welfare is based on the whimsey that animals can contribute to worldly concern by providing us with food, work, and entertainment. It also ensures that humans who work with animals follow those moral obligations to provide the animal well-being. Animal rights on the other hand is based on the belief that animals should make believe the uniform or similar rights to humans. Animal rights activists believe that humans have no right to use animals at all, no matter how humane their operations are.Animals have always played an important role in agriculture. some(prenominal) concern for animal welfare is based on the belief that animals have the ability to feel and perceive what is happ ening to them. This is why it is considered that attention should be paid to their well-being. While the killing of animals for food does not n...

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