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History of Gypsies Essay -- Gypsy

The jump and to date only reliable assertion of the origin of raillery gipsy for the members of specific group, dates back to 1068. At that duration the Georgian monah st. George Antonski, from the monastery of Iviron (Greece) reports to his people that on the mountain of Athos in the time between 1001 and 1026 a group of Athiganos arrived. The war cry Athigatos or Acinkan in Greek would be untouchable. Different synonyms of this word were used later as name for that nation around Europe. In literature we find latin-Cingarus, Turkey-Cingeneler, France-Tsiganes, Germany-Zinger, Russia-Cjganji, Hungary-Ciganjiok, Italy-Zingari, Spain-Gitanos.In Croatia the name is Cigani and in Dubrovnik Republic Jedupi or Egyptians. The name Egyptians was probably brought to Dubrovnik by Italians (Greece was at the time under Venetian rule) where together with the former name Jedupi for Gypsies the name Egyptians started to be used.On 08. April 1791 the first off World congress of Gypsies was hel d in London. Important decisions and accepting of gypsy flag, appointed anthem and official languages were brought. It was decided that the flag consists of two basic colours that symbolises everlasting wandering of itinerant. The green is a symbol of boundless intrinsic space as freedom of movement. The blue is symbol of sky and in the middle of the flag is a wheel which marks the everlasting pilgrimage of Roma. The official anthem is famous Roma song Gelem, Gelem and as official language Lovari Roma language was accepted.In the same time as unique world wide used name for Gypsies was term Htom, which in Gypsy-lovari language means a man. Sound ht does not exist in graphic system therefore for the sake of easy writing this legal is spelled as sound R. There... ...father StepanIuan Sainouich dictus Oliuerich, 1490. father SainWe strongly believe that the Dubrovnik Gypsies are ancestors of straight offs Lovari Roma as this tradition of names and surnames can nowadays be fou nd among Lovari Roma in Croatia. Music anthem Gelem,gelemAnthem lyricsGelem, gelem I have travelled over long roads I have met fortunate Roma I have travelled remote and wide I have met lucky RomaOh, Romani adults, Oh Romani youth Oh, Romani adults, Oh Romani youthOh, Roma, from wherever you have come on With your tents along lucky roads I too once had a large family But the black legion murdered themCome with me, Roma of the world To where the Romani roads have been opened Now is the time - stand up, Roma, We shall succeed where we make the effort.Oh, Roma adults, Oh, Roma youth Oh, Roma adults, Oh, Roma youth

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