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Self Against Fate Essay -- essays research papers

In the epic poem poem, Beowulf, we discover a new way of looking at life. The poem, which was written by an unknown author, depicts life as a journey that is bent out for you by perfection, one that is unchangeable and indefinite. Beowulf as a graphic symbol is a marvelous person, however, not even he with all his agency and might can change his destiny. We as masses today tooth root our lives around the same thoughts and ideas. No one knows when our last day willing be to step foot on earth. Every second of all(prenominal) minute could be our last. We are sent to Earth by God with a purpose, and only we as individuals can determine that purpose later we have truly, fully lived. In the epic poem, Beowulf, Beowulf himself acts as the epic booster in defeating all evil to uphold the glory and safety of his people as fate would allow him with each struggle. Throughout the play, we find Beowulf continuously having to defend himself in the fight not only against three fears ome monsters, still the fight against fate. Beowulf starts out the poem as a tender man, full of pride and honor. As he ages, his wisdom and capabilities excel small-arm his final destiny draws nearer. The slaughter he takes not only brutalizes him physically, but takes a mental toll on his life in footing of time. Physical and moral evil can be challenged and overcome, but the final evil (perhaps at its extremity, age and death) cannot be avoided. Beowulf slays his antagonist and transcends his own death. By dying as he lived, he is a model for enjoyment in th...

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