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Theological Discernment and Cultural Exegesis of the Movie Life Is graceful Life Is Beautiful (1998) is 1 of the most memor subject and original impressions I remove ever seen. It is not surprising for me, that the movie received so humannessy great awards such as the grand prize at Cannes Film Festival and three Academy Awards, including Best Foreign lecture Film and former(a)s. The central Idea of the movie Is to better hoi polloi the understanding that it does not matter how much death, evil, and ugliness happens in the world at that place is always hope and safe(p).To understand that goodness, truth, and tatty of the relationships and human bread and just nowter finally triumph at the end despite of evil that Is made by Nazi military. After watching this movie 4 years ago, It genuinely did make me think genuinely much almost life itself. At that time I was rattling concerned about my future and life score opportunities, and finally I realized that no intimacy is more of import than love and close relationships with commonwealth I love. This is the principal(prenominal) rea news why after seeing the name of the movie In the list, I knew It will be my offshoot and the only choice of the movie would Like to preserve about.The movie Itself portrays us a really re view story about a family love and their relationships with each(prenominal) other. It is a story of the main character conduce, his parole -Joshua and wife Dora not in favor of Nazi troops who were endlessly sentencing Judaic people to death only because of their race during the World struggle II. I could say that the two main characters of this low-pitched family, talent scout and Dora, be showing a really strong love to each other that makes them able not only serve each other but also sacrifices for each others sake of good. For me this Is like two movies in one.All this story Is presented Like two efferent lives from beautiful beginning to an unexpected ugly s tory that make us realize how easily a life thunder mug change, in demoteicular when you least expect it. The first part of the movie presents us incredibly beautiful days where the plot takes is to the small village of Italy filled with an inspiring love story from the very first minutes when two extremely different people saw each other. Guide was as a Jew waiter who came there to his uncle with a trance to open his witness book store, and suddenly by accident met an in use(p) Italian girl.Unfortunately, after 5 years living happily gather, everything waterfall apart and changes. A breathtaking love story turns into to a imposing exile during the World War II where Jewish people ar taken to the concentration camps for work and death. The movie itself is portrayed in a very interesting structure. From the very first sight we realize that it should be extremely heartbreaking due to the fact that such hard outlet as an exile and death of innocent people Is unquestionably aut horitative as a very cruel thing to do to the un molested community. N the contrary, the movie presents exile In a way of adventure and fun. Guide here is a drive who does his best to keep his son from finding out the wicked truth about their situation in the camp. It is his primary goal to keep the son safe, while he Is nerve-racking to find out the way how to release his family from the camp and at the alike time keeping German troops from finding this out. For his son, Joshua, the camp is presented as a competition where he is supposed to pursue all the granted instructions.If he does that, he will get more points and win the main prize tank. I OFF protection of a son. For us it can be an lawsuit of Guide commitment to his family in very Christian way, because he is following Gods words from the Bible. He is doing exactly what he calls husbands and fathers to do to take responsibility for their families Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the wom b a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of ones youth.Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them (Psalm 1273-5) Yes, the movie is talking about the war of good and evil, but for me Guide and his commitment to his family shows that it also presents us the beauty of human spirit, devotion and soul. Guide is like a real Christian serving his family, in the movie itself an uncle Eloise once told Guide that mires serving. Youre not a servant. Serving is a supreme art. God is the first servant. God serves men but hes not a servant to men. Guide in the movie becomes the best example of a servant, no matter that he serves his family in his own way, he does not become humble, but rather he is perceived as a hero who is doing everything he can to deport from harm his family. Guide served both, his son and a wife when he was going to look for Dora and in some moments of the movie emending her that both of them are shut up alive. It is Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Matt. 2028).He is doing this without event thinking he is a servant he is like Jesus who served people for their good, with thinking to get something in return. Guide is not the only one in the movie who shows his love, serves, and sacrifices for his family. His wife, Dora does it as well, as a real Christian. From the very begging to the very end she is doing what she can to show love and dedication to her family members. She as a woman from a prominent Italian family would have never had to go to such a horrifying place as a concentration camp.Unfortunately, due to the fact that her husband and son were Jews and had to be exiled, she showed her bravery and dedication. Right after the moment she found out that her Jewish husband and son have been taken by German soldiers, she went to the crack station and tried to convince the soldiers that they have made a mistake. Sadly, an ships officer deni ed it of being a mistake and insisted her she doesnt belong there and has to go home. Dora id not do that, she demanded to be put on the train with the other people and be taken to the concentration camp. disdain the fact that she was Italian, came from a very good family, she with no doubts has chosen to identify herself with Jews, the people who have been condemned. She gave up her own life and showed pure love and devotion to her family. Finally, in the end of the movie we are made to realize how beautiful this father-son game really is. Despite its setting in the context of death and cruelty Guide is able to inspire us for faith and believe in good. A father to only serves his son from the very first second there comes harm to him, but also shows his devotion by sacrificing his own life in order to keep both, his wife and son safe.He is doing everything he can to save both of them as a true, loving father and husband would do. Guide offers a life of imagination to his son that i s beautiful, even though he is very exhausted and oppressed, since he was working hard during the day in the camp. According to Russell B. Ramsey (n. D. ) Guide reflects Jesus words in the Bible, Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends On. 513). He laid down for his family and was very strong psychologically not to jocosity and fun instead of going to panic.This was a very courageous thing to do, and we can see how strong a man can be in situations where he has to protect his own family. To sum up, the movie is very unique, because of the authors ability to unite both, comedy and tragedy to one movie that is in general very hard to do. From the funny beginning it shifts to a spoiled story in a concentration camp while still maintaining elements of fun. Guide gives his son the gift loving and not knowing what is occurrent in reality. He does not mention the real truth about the camp and evil that surrounds them there.

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