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Cultural Sensitivity Essay

Cultural sensitivity is zippy to remember when every(prenominal) firm does any backup in a foreign market. Certain strategies and procedures used in the United States may not translate the very(prenominal) way in other countries or fuddle the same bear upon. Other atomic number 18as in the world operate their businesses with different priorities and in different cultures so it is crucial to consider how these differences may strickle how business is done. Ethical situations allow inevitably arise when a firm begins trading operations in a new international market so it is dress hat to be prepared to face such situations with character. follow A outright feels ready to enter the Eastern Asia market to retain its plans to grow the bon ton and its profits. chinaware is the province elect for the next international intricacy and in that respect are many things to consider before entering this market. After researching some(prenominal) Eastern Asia markets to globalize in mainland China, a republic of China was chosen as the country to expand in because thither is the potential to occasion a walloping volume of their engine parts there temporary hookup paying very little in outwear cost. The absence of any organized trade union is in like manner a factor because there will be little resistance byered from any form of union.With expansion to any new country or region there are ever cross-cultural ethical differences to take into consideration since all countries or areas hold their own world-views, religions, politics, traditions etc. Expanding to mainland China with obviously has an impact on both keep company A and mainland China itself. While labor costs in Taiwan are much cheaper than the United States partnership A must(prenominal) act ethically with concern to culture of Taiwan and the passel who the employ there. Some population in Taiwan are glad for American expansion to their country because there are more jobs useable but th ere are to a fault currently many in Taiwan who look at the American expansion in their country as a negative. thither is a major concern in both Taiwan and the US that many of the multinational corporations doing business in Taiwan are doing furthermostmore that just operating(a) a corporation there. Most believe that these multinational corporations become a portentous influence on the political agendas of Taiwan who have the interest of their association in mind before that of the people of Taiwan.There is likewise major concern for the worsening of government regulation in Taiwan, as there appears that they are not protecting workers from any physical, moral or social risk in the workplace. Company A should also consider creating some form or insurance benefits package for its Formosan workers as this would go a long way in presentation them that they are ethical, that they care about their workers, and that they respect the Chinese people. This all has an affect on co mpany A because they must tell on a conscious(p) effort protect their image and brand so that they can continue to grow their business within the US and worldwide. Company A must make ethical decisions towards their operations across the company and within Taiwan so that they are not branded as a company who is simply taking advantage of cheap labor in a foreign country. With the majority of Taiwan believing that workers are not protected and that multinational corporations are tasteing to influence political issues, I think it would be wise for Company A to make massive effort towards video display the people in Taiwan that they will protect their workers and use any influence they hold to help improve government regulation and attempt to mutually benefit both the company and the people of Taiwan.Company A must also consider the traditions and general way of life for the minute people. For instance learning their foods, drinks, religious practices, and recreational activities and somehow blending them into the company culture may help workers feel more comfortable and trust towards Company A. Taiwanese people drink a lot of afternoon tea and juice drinks with boba in them so maybe offering or market those within the company property would be a good idea. withal Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese folk religion are the common practices in Taiwan so perhaps offering a place of worship on company grounds would be a great gesture. As far as work hours are interested, Taiwanese people are working like business ours that Western countries typically will work so they are hard working people and are accustom to similar schedule to what the factory in the US would for Company A.The will also be critical adjustments needed to be made regarding CompanyAs selling strategies in Taiwan versus how they would typically market their mathematical products in the US. There are different consumers in Taiwan because of their dense people and their culture. Most Taiwanese people would not tend to bribe large trucks or vehicles that would necessitate the heavy duty parts that Company A manufactures so they must concentrate almost all of their marketing efforts approximately a specific group of Taiwanese consumer or business that employs large vehicles on a consistent basis. Company must market their product mainly to businesses that use heavy-duty equipment in their operations and in industrial areas since the average Taiwanese consumer would not buy a large truck, as they are not sold in such large volumes as they are in the US. As far as marketing to consumers Company As focus should be on the wealthy people of Taiwan who can afford to operate and maintain larger vehicles. Company A should also reduce the price of their product to accommodate for a smaller volume of sales on trucks in Taiwan and also to begin attracting new clients since they will be new to the area. This price diminution should be offset somewhat by the less expensive labor co sts experienced in Taiwan.Cross-cultural talk is also grievous for Company A to build a strong relationship with its Taiwanese workers. The first barrier to communication is language. The primary language in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and while most Taiwanese businessmen do speak English, it would be a good idea for some representatives from Company to a learn some Mandarin Chinese to help with communication efforts. Company should also consider having some translators available to maintain top communication as well. Taiwanese business is found mainly off of respect so it is principal(prenominal) to meet fact-to-face whenever possible, include senior executives meetings whenever possible, form presentations to the senior ranking person and also make sure to bear and receive any gifts with both hands as a narrow of respect, and always look people in the eyes.It is also very important to refrain from being too frank or outspoken because this will be viewed as disrespectful. Is it vital to keep these practices as well as learning other important cultural traditions when conducting business in Taiwan or with any Taiwanese people. As far as marketing is concerned, while in the US marketing can be based around creativity and branding, it is important in Taiwan to focustheir marketing around integrity and respect. Taiwanese people and their businesses are less concerned with gimmicks and flash and maintain an emphasis on ethics and as always respect is absolutely vital.There will without a doubt be many cultural differences to overcome when opening a new do in Taiwan. Marketing strategies and how businesses are viewed will not be the same in Taiwan as they are in the US so while A Company may be accustomed to operating their plants at home in a certain way, they must make adjustments to accommodate for the cultural variances of the environment their new plant is operating in. The impact that the cultural differences will have could be minor or they could be significant depending on how well Company A does their research and how they wait adapting their new plant to conform to the Taiwanese market while maintaining competency and their core company beliefs. Taiwan is densely populated country and their consumers purchase mainly small fuel efficient vehicles and since Company A specializes in engine components for heavy duty trucks they must focus their marketing strategies on smaller sized trucks with an emphasis on the advantages of their engine components, along with businesses that utilize heavy duty trucks in their operations.

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