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Legalizing hemp This found plant is inhabitn as marihuana it is acknowledge all around the world. This plant is known to be a drug/herb that gives flock high and is also illegal in roughly every location part of the world. Some nations be very uncom professionalmising when it comes down to enforcing the law when others are very lenient. Marijuana is known to be an addicting substance that cause death save what they dont know is that cannabis is used to cure people in resources no others foundation find. A plant that has been said to not only cause error and memory loss but being able to help in aid people with cancer and aids. Today there is still much and more people who are deciding on siding with pro marihuana legalization for the States. Citizens that never gave marijuana legalization a apparent in thought or are just heavily against it are beginning to believe that legalizing marijuana would prove helpful for the United States. in that location are plenty of r easons why there are many people who support marijuana legalization and one basic reasons is the benefit of marijuana being a medicinal drug. Even some states in America have already legalize using marijuana for medical purposes only, maculation many have not done so centennially. Other countries much(prenominal) as Canada have already allowed medical marijuana be used. The event in states and other nations allowing the use of marijuana to be for an important outlook such as music making the drug legal. Especially since it hasnt caused any psychic traumaful problems being used that way. Marijuana is a medicine that can relieve pain for users along with other specific benefits. Marijuana has been known as a strong and important topic in the government later in these years, deciding whether or not marijuana should be leg... ...ted based on the assumptions people use and what can presently impact the United States in a positive way. People urgency to open up their eyes an d stop being ignorant on the capabilities a drug can prove to be helpful and the fact that marijuana being legal would help the United States in fearful help. People that are against it have not at one time looked into the benefits it hold and whitethorn never will. We all tend to seek pleasure in our life history every day and everyone has their own way of achieving that. For some, that source of pleasure is marijuana and all they want to end up doing is gain pleasure same others do, but we should all be who we want be no take how people take life whether its in peace but all we know is that its best to enjoy life and in harms way. Never in my life have I once heard a problem that is caused by marijuana and that is because it has never happened.

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