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Company specific problems that lead to the failure of the implementation Essay

Internal constraints that lead failure in implementing the BSC remains in Tian-an railway car Insurance Comp whatsoever were brought out when the future(a) search question was posed Why did you stop to use it, is in that respect any disadvantages you can find? Following is a raft of beau monde specific difficulties that the guild faced during implementation as per the responses of theatre directors S, H, F and O. An excess of indicators forgetful design of the BSC resulted to so many indicators that others were left unaccounted for. Due to inability to contemporize available resources with demand the company could not sufficiently satisfy the requirements of all(prenominal) the four perspectives. That is why one manager said We can not spend too much time on customers and employees investigation. The fear that questionnaire entropy collected by company employees from clients would be biased and not the unbent picture of the BSC perspective how our Customers view us. A completed equilibrize notice model for the business took too long. Expectation of Instant results The agent told us that it need spend some time to see the effect, I remember BSC can not help in short-run decision making. A manager said. The BSC is a performance cadence system that directs decision makers toward long value creating activities. It is not meant be a measure of dealing with emergencies. The business of size our branch is not large enough, so the advantages were not clear identified Said F. Comparing benefits against costs (to the agent fee), there was no good value for money. A unified approach would lease addicted better results. The company has eight branches Resistance I found that there were many complaints from our employees. Someone felt it waste their time to response individually indicator said H. A change management process would get sufficed. SBC used as a control tool managements lack of knowledge on how to use the BSC led to strictly foll owing designates, and decreasing staff bonuses. This made others to doubt their ability and increased complaints. This was a case of managing staff instead of managing processes. After applying the BSC manager O could not fins any noticeable good performance in the period 4. 3. 8. conversation is the life blood of a successful BSC system That poor dialogue contributed to the failure to implement the BSC system in Tian-an railroad car Insurance bon ton is revealed by responses obtained from the question Do the managers and employees communicate regularly? The simple machine policy policy sales manager (S) said Not really, because our employees are really busy. nevertheless we have employees meeting in each Wednesday, we could communicate at that time. The Car insurance financial manager (F) said No, unless at employees meeting, but I just report some targets and requires. Comments entrust not be reflected to me. plot of land the Human resources manager (H) said Yes, I com municate with employees regularly and they will have some complaints and suggestions. This finding suggests that the communications structure in this company is flawed. It could just be that the company has a top- rear but no bottom up, horizontal and diagonal communication.Additionally it is evident that complaints are only tell towards the human resource manager. 4. 3. 9. Tian-an Car Insurance Company management have no regrets and would consider implementing the system if given a stake chance The whole rounded nature of the BSC serves as an eye ruiner to any one who gets a chance to experience it. When a manager was asked After you quitted using the BSC, have you tried other performance step systems? He answered No, I think BSC introduced us to the world of performance standard systems.Our employees have increased their knowledge about management performance and when our company becomes large enough, we will consider using it again. 4. 3. 10. Lessons Learnt To appreciate the impact of implementing the BSC, Tian-an Car Insurance Company managers gave a raft of lessons learnt that shows the true extend of their youthful sympathizeing of performance measurement. This was in response to the following question each possible suggestions for using the balanced signcard in your branch? The Car insurance sales manager (S) said that I think each level of a company should understand their Key Performance Indicators and Targets. The reproduction of balanced scorecard should not be neglected. Company Car insurance financial manager (F) responded Key Performance Indicators and Targets should be set correctly The Human resources manager (H) advised I think a good training on the balanced scorecard is more important than the other aspects of the system.Companies should let their employees understand the whole BSC process first. They should establish a feedback feature to facilitate communication from all directions so that management and employees can disc uss and adjust the targets immediately. A proper appraisal mechanism should also be in place. The above lessons learnt are minute and are important ingredients for best practices in the implementation of the BSC system in any company. 4. 4. Conclusion What you measure is what you get.(Kaplan and Norton 1992) Effective managers understand that performance measurement systems that focus on only one aspect like finance and production are not good enough. They realize that no integrity measure can provide a clear performance target or focus attention on the critical areas of the business. The balanced score card allows managers to look at the business from four important perspectives the customer, internal, change and learning and financial perspectives. This checks the company from having too many or too few measures.It is a superior system. It is recommended that the Tian-an car insurance company adopts the balanced Score Card system. Tian-an Car Insurance Company structure.Refer ences Francesco, A. M. , and Gold, B. A. (2005) International organizational Behavior Pearson Education Inc. One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ USA. Kaplan, R. , S. , Norton, David, P. , (1992). The equilibrise Score Card Measures that Drive Performance, Harvard Business Review, and Reprint 92105.

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