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Dream Therapy Essay -- Psychology Essays

Dream Therapy Dreams behave been considered and debated since people have existed. Research on dreams began in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, nothing has prove why dreams happen or what they do. Freud suggested that dreams atomic number 18 an expression of subconscious desires, from which alone sorts of strange animal impulses come. He believed that he would be able to get word out what bothered people by analyzing their dreams. While dreams reveal troubles some(prenominal) older than Freud, he was the first to try and rationalize dream therapy (Dreaming of a advance life). According to Ameri great deal Health (April 1997) about three-quarters of people who delectation dream therapy are women. They presuppose this is due to hormonal differences. Other reasons to speculate that women are much inclined to use dream therapy are because they take care more connected to the dreaming world than men, women dream more a good deal than other times du ring their menstrual cycle (which garters them recall their dreams more distinctly at those times) and women tend to dream more during pregnancy (Waking). People who live on from frequent nightmares also use dream therapy. Dream therapy may help those who suffer from frequent nightmares find underlying signs of other illnesses or possibly drug reactions (Dream Therapy Nightmare). Danya C. MacKean, student at Augustana University College, stated in a account for a psychology paper that dream therapy is used by patients who are treated for post traumatic stress syndrome These patients use dream therapy to patch up his or herself aware that they are dreaming to lessen the resistance of face-off with the figures or situation in which they are dreaming (MacKean). Dream therapy can b... ...oing on in my life. I had fun doing this paper and will more than likely start my journal again. SOURCESColors in Dreams & Their Meanings. From journal Dreams O bscure. commonalty Dream Symbols. Infotrac at Concord Library.http//www.dooyoo.com 7 February 2001. Dreaming of a better life. Pearson, Bryn.http//www.dooyoo.com 10 August 2001. Dreams are the language of the soul Whitehorse.http//www.garynull.com/Documents/spectrum/waking_up_to_dream_therapy.htm Waking Up To Dream Therapy.http//www.iris-publishing.com/sleep/sleep_help/nightmare_reduc.html 12 November 2003. Dream Therapy Nightmare Reduction Training. http//ma.essortments.com/dreamstherapya_rfrf.htm 12 November 2003. Dream therapy & alternative psychology.http//www.sawka.com/spiritwatch/mackean/htm. April 1997. MacKean, Danya C.Symbols. Infotrac at Concord Library.

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