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Question 1 Of The 1960’s Coursework

From address A we endure learn what a big touch the Beatles had on London. The origin of the reference point is the actress Joanna Lumley, the nature of this source is a written description and the purpose of the source to inform us about the impact of the Beatles.Extra mediocre silence this suggest the Beatles had such a massive impacted on London that e genuinelyone was watching the Beatles. emptiness had descended upon London, on England, on Britain this is showing us on the dot what impact the Beatles made on the hearty of Britain also hurried and sprinted is showing the excitement of this incredible god equal band. No one was overhearn by the flower -stall showing what people would lay out up just to see this band and yet again just showing how big they were. Fab four showing there celebrity status. It was very heaven to be a have this just sums up her feelings of what she thought it was like to live screen in the 1960sUnfortunately this source is quite one sided eye sight as this source is an account written 30 years later on these blushts had happened and quite dramatic in her views. She manages how big they become and this also influences her memories, as back in 1964 they werent as big as they were later. Plus Joanna Lumley wasnt your ordinary teen back then she had celebrity status and seen things a agglomerate more differently than other teens back then.This is a more living view on her views, A hot summers evening not everyone is going to be inside watching the Beatles its not like everyone loves them. London, on England, on Britain the whole nation wasnt interested in them and they were barely known throughout Britain besides seeing as this was only the start of the Beatles. The nation held its breath the Beatles were mostly a teen band and not all teens would of even liked them and how would see know this anyway. instead of the rush hour an extraordinary silence this just shows how blind she has become while writing this and its like shes writing more on the impacted they did have on the 1960s on a whole, not back in 1964. Being cool, hip, smart, lippy, champing, and funny. How does she know what there personalities are like she didnt even know them, no one did and thats why they have drug allegations crumb them so she surly didnt know them that well.In my conclusion she sets up the impact the Beatles on a massive scale but reality how could she know this and we know this isnt true seeing as they were more of a teen band and were barley famous at this time anyway. I flatten this source is showing us more of the impact the Beatles had on Lumley personally and not what it had on the nation as a whole this is why we cannot trust this source completly.

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