четверг, 7 марта 2019 г.

The Choices That We Make Have a Negative and Positive Effect

We bushel choices every minute of the day. Some of the choices or decisions be conscious ones that we claim popular opinion of and do, most opposite times we guide not thought that we are making them and they may effect us letter and they may effect others in one way or another. Those choices that we wee have a negative effect on other sight hatful are connected to others in many unique ways. We make choices without persuasion too much of the consequences.By the time the full impact of our choice hits us in the future, it is too late for regrets. In the essay the dying daughter that no one helped by London wainwright explains how other people choices tend to effect other peoples lives even by losing their own lives. The choices that we make have an adverse effect on other people however it may not be intentional. You never recognise what the next person is dealing with and how our choices can influence others decisions and charge their lives in different ways.The choices that we make affect others peoples dreams that they have made for their future charging some ones dream is a constructive thing to someone even in the essay of the dying little girl that no one helped it talks about how someone tend to make choice and that choice effects the girl who was killed and had dreams for her future then he died cause no one came for help to be saved from throwing her dreams away. We are responsible for our choices ,and we have to accept the consequences of every deed ,word

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