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1. Stimulus inductance transfer a response learned to angiotensin converting enzyme excitant to a similar stimulus. The benefit of stimulus generalization outweighs the disadvantage in strategic marketing. In the market directly buyers consider perceptions, needs, product loyalty, age and income when purchasing a product. Stimulus generalization allows the market to offer sore products with sassy benefits into an existing brand divulge product. Thus consumers can have several options to choose from, but somewhat consumers be confused because there are so numerous varied products.Some consumers like to stick to the same brand, some like to try something new and some will experiment from time to time. The advantage is being fitting to make new products such as mouthwash, different flavored toothpaste, whiting case and many more. Some of the disadvantages it has are so many brands and choices to choose from which consumers are not sure what to buy. It is better that there are so many options, but consumer are not sure what products are the best and whence they have to purchase the product to find out the results.Normally most pack will stick to the products that they are used to buy because they know those are going to satisfy their primary needs. 2. The marketers of Pepsodent and Colgate can decrease consumer confusion regarding toothpastes and relate oral hygiene products by distinguishing the difference between the products they offer. For this reason, the identity of a particular product in the line should be made to standpoint out from the rest. Being that when one brand brings out a new product the other brand brings out a new one that is similar, it is basically a matter of personal choice and what works for that consumer and their military post

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