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The Role of Consciousness in To Kill a Mockingbird :: Literary Analysis, Critical Analysis

When an old tired town does not extradite any good economic sources you might think that a raise wont care about his or her children. In the myth To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus is the father of Jem and ticker. Atticus is deal middle class in his society and is as one put forward he is a good father un uniform the Ewells father. The Finches are a loving family and sharing because the father teaches them varied things about life he recites them how a gentleman and a lady would bear and should say. Also theirs another(prenominal) people in the novel that as well as help Jem and observatory meet about life and what it leads to. One thing about learning sense of right and wrong is that everything in life is not a joke. Atticus has thought Jem and Scout a lot of things in life. Atticus hasnt been a baffling father he is analogous a mom and dad in one. He also tries not to be so hard on his kids because their children and sometimes dont know what theyr e doing. Jem and Scout also have Calpurnia to take care of them and teach them somethings. But the Ewells are different from the Finches family. The Ewells are a poor and lonely family that nobody really is congenial with. Bob Ewells was a father of 8 kids and he was not that twee he dranked a lot and didnt have respect for no one. Calpurnia had thought Scout some lessons in life to, Scout at a time had invited one of her classmate she got in a fight with to beat at her house. Scout had insult the boy because of the way he ate and Calpurnia told her Theres some folks who dont eat like us, but you aint called to contradiet em at the table when they dont. That boys yo compny and if he wants to eat up the table cloth you let him, you hear (24). Calpurnia was trying to tell Scout not to judge the boy because they all had different lives. Scout also had Aunt Alexandra to teach her about life because she was also like a mother to Scout. Aunt Alexandra acts a little more like a high rich standard she talks about how to act and pick her friends.

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